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    The clarion call by Adewumi Blessing (Part 1)

    When youth discuss leadership in Nigeria, an average Nigerian youth will only focus politics,Nigerian youths see politics as the only veritable instruments to leadership,partially because of flamboyant standard of living, power and money involved neglecting the fact that youths can lead and contribute meaningfully to the multi facet entity called Nigeria.

    For quite some time now, we at the vanguard have been agitating for not too young to rule, thanks to the National Assembly that breathe life to it, while we are busy shouting not too young to rule, the old wagons (leaders) are scheming Not too old to leave.

    However, in the midst of this "here and there arise these pertinent questions.

    1.Are these present youths ready to take the mantle of leadership?
    2. Are we equipped, morally, psychologically,physically?

    At the instance, The answers are not far fetched. Speaking firmly and meticulously without laborious derail,i will say most of the present youths has failed in a little assignment. History lies many youths on record of misuse and embezzlement of funds. Sug presidents suspended or outrightly impeached for financial misappropriation.

    Youth leaders grow beards on the sweat of people, immoralities among female youths, displaying dignity like wares and no value is a bane. We have to combat effectively if we must be reckon with and trusted.

    There is now a shift from hardwork to cornercut in the form of modernized stealing "yahoo yahoo"replacing a paradigm of bold policy choices with clear cut intention to better the lot of the people,hardwork,perseverance and lot of self discipline are some of the recipe for a great youth leader.

    Awolowo, Azikwe, Ahmadu Bello had it, but we have been robbed of it. These are the ills of the youths in our land. Shouting "Not too young to rule"But we can only attain greatness, lead and be followed,if and if we follow the path of our heroes past. Take over everything,churches,schools,mosques,companies,Town meetings but with clear mindset.
    To be Continued..

    By Adewumi Blessing

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