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Actress Dorcas Fapson releases video evidences against Taxify Driver

Still on the Actress-Taxify Driver drama.

The whole issue has taken a really huge turn as actress, Fapson has released damning footage against the accused driver.

Recall the whole thing started, when Fapson took to her social media to call out the cab company to report about an alleged attempted kidnap and rape by one of their drivers.

Taxify of course responded and they shared a statement saying Fapson has been contacted in person, and the State Intelligence Bureau and the Nigeria Police Force have been petitioned to take up the matter.

“We have zero tolerance for any and all forms of harassment and violence,” Taxify wrote.

See the statement below:

The whole issue didn’t stop there, the accused driver also narrated his own side of the story, claiming that all what Dorcas accused him of, is false.
In response to the accused driver’s side of the story, Fapson shared damning evidences, she recorded while she was in the cab.

In the video, the cab driver was seen driving to a location, a brown gate, where he pulled up, and came down.. He was also seen trying to pull Fapson from the car…

The video also shows the cab driver was indeed peppered-sprayed.

The drive’s name is Henry Nnaemeka.

Watch below;


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