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    Fulanis in the Eye of the Storm, by Richard Adura-Ilesanmi

    Fulanis in the Eye of the Storm, by Richard Adura-Ilesanmi

    This is, indeed, not the best time for Fulanis; no thanks to the killings, maiming and destructions being carried out by those suspected to be Fulani herdsmen across the country.

    While I strongly condemn these wicked acts, I still don't want to agree with some Nigerians on their negative perceptions about the Fulanis. However, that's not to throw away the obvious fact that the actions or inactions of a single person can dent the hard earned image of an entire tribe.

    I expect a truck load of insults for writing this piece. Nevertheless, I must not be economical with the truth even when it seems unpopular. To me, this will be understandable because all of us are deeply pained by the incessant killings being allegedly carried out by the suspected Fulani herders.

    Notwithstanding, I still hold the staunch belief that those killing and maiming are not the real Fulanis that we all know; but the remnant of the decimated and technically defeated Boko guys who no longer have the effrontery to wield arms and ammunitions to attack in their strongholds.

    It's shameful that Nigeria is a country that lacks Strategic Intelligence Gathering. That's why we have not been able to figure out that the Fulani herdsmen have been infiltrated by some insurgents disguising as herdsmen.

    For some of us who have had the opportunity of relating with persons of this ethnic group and lived with them for a reasonable period, we know too well that they are not as demonic, wicked and senseless as some bunch of bandits masquerading as herdsmen would try to mirror them.

    I have Fine Hausa/Fulani friends whose friendship I still continue to cement. One of them is Mukhtar, and later, Awal;  very wonderful Fulani friends that I will never forget in my life. They and their brother saved me from danger during my first shot in the northern part of the country in November, 2016.

    I didn't know Mukhtar from anywhere. Circumstances brought us together at Jabi park in Abuja when we boarded the same vehicle going to Zaria. My final destination was Sokoto while Mukhtar's was Kano. We eventually got to Zaria when the power of the night had subdued every living thing except us and other passengers in the Sharon car.

    Please watch out for details in my upcoming book, "My Apology to Hausa/Fulanis".

    Richard Adura-Ilesanmi
    Journalist, Blogger, Writer & Author.

    For comments: richardilesanmia@gmail.com

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