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Open letter to all runs girls

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Man (or woman in this case) must hustle.

We all do all sorts of things to earn our keep; some people do regular 9-5 jobs while others use their bodily endowments. It is all hard work, I agree. I am not out to judge anyone but I believe it not every form of hard work that really yields results that you would be proud of in the long run.

I am not going to give a sermon about STDs, unwanted pregnancies or societal constraints etc. Dear Runs Girl, since you are all about the money and trying to get the luxuries, you should bear in mind that there are certain values money cannot buy. 

1. A happy home

Well, this is obvious, isn’t it? You may have all that money can buy but that does not stop you from still going through the emotional hustles that every other person faces with familial pressures and quarrels. 

2. A long, healthy life

Of course, you may argue that money allows you access to the best medical facilities but it does not stop you from contracting the deadliest of diseases, does it? You may be a millionaire and still die at 30.

3. Talent

This is something you are born with which people will respect you for without you having to lobby for the respect. It is either you are talented or not. You can’t buy it. 

4. Well-mannered kids

You may have kids already or be hoping for some in the near future. I hope you know that money can’t get you there. They may be brilliant but not necessarily well adjusted. 

5. Respect

You know the society we live in. If your ways are not ‘pure’, even if you gift them wads of money daily they still won’t respect you.

These points should put things in perspective for you. Are your priorities right? Think of the future.

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