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    Why we say APC Akida are noisemakers in Katsina — Dr. Armiya’u

    Dr. Yusha’u Armiya’u is arguably the longest-serving state party chairman in Nigeria having served for sixteen straight years as the Katsina State chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples’ Party, ANPP, (eight years); Congress for Progressive Change, CPC (four years) and Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM (four years).
    He recently alongside the state executive of the party and all 34 local government executives in the state defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC. In this interview, he reviews the internal wrangling in the state chapter of his new party asserting that the vicious tackles by the rebel, APC –Akida were nothing but noisemaking inspired by the likes of Dr. Usman Bugaje.

    He said that the reason why they didn’t join APC while they were in CPC was because of the problems they had of internal democracy which was in their judgment was lacking especially as it affected Katsina State. He gave three major reasons why they are now back to APC, which includes, Firstly, looking at the politics in Nigeria, there are only two viable parties, PDP and APC.

    He said he knows the APC AKIDA, better than anybody. He mentioned the names of their leader, Usman Bugaje; others which include Kabir Murja, Senator Sadiq Yar’Adua, Abubakar Samaila who was a gubernatorial candidate during the CPC, Abbas Machika and others.

    He said those are the same who fought for them in CPC. According to him "They said Masari is the right person to be the Governor. But we knew that with the situation in Katsina, nobody in CPC could have won the election but Yakubu Lado because we were in the center of all what was happening. And the people I mentioned fought us strongly.
    I know them very well, and they know me very well too. And I know, some of them are not sincere in what they are saying because most of them want to govern Katsina themselves. They have the ambition to be Governor of Katsina. I don’t think any of them can deny what I have said he replied that he expected APC to be Democratic.

    He further said that
    "I believe that those people clamouring that APC in Katsina is wrong. I believe instead of clamouring, they should come together and help the government to do the right thing because Katsina is our state and our home. If there is something going wrong, there is no need to make noise. Let us come together, seat down and make sure things are done the right way. But we shouldn’t hide behind and start making noise. We have to join the party and contribute our quotas to see that things are done properly.
    Anything that is done wrongly, you bring to the notice of the right authorities that this is wrong and the right thing should be done, and you will keep taking on that that if they don’t, then you will decide whether you should stay or you go.
    But, you don’t just stay outside the system, or you are within the system and just making noise. I don’t believe in that."

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