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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Gbile Akanni messages on marriage!

Gbile Akanni Messages on marriage is something you should look for! This pastor teaches how singles and couples can create a lasting marriage. Take a look at top 5 main ideas of Gbile Akanni messages on marriage!

Before going through the Pastor Gbile Akanni audio message information – let's find who Gbile Akani is. Gbile Akanni is a leader of “Living Seed”. He believes that it's necessary to turn believers into disciples. He understands the role of the Word as a strength for the crucial time of humanity.

Therefore, he gives lecturers about everything connected with God. Moreover, he gives lecturers about family, marriages and relationships. Let's take a look at top 5 Gbile Akanni messages on marriage!

Top 5 ideas from Pastor Gbile Akanni messages

1. Between Husband and Wife should be God

When you create a marriage – you shouldn't think lightly about it. When you are about to marry, you should understand that God will look upon your marriage. When you are married – do not think about split up! It`s similar as if you want to split up with God.

2. Think about God when choosing a partner

When you choose a partner for life, you choose a person who will follow you to God. Therefore, it's needed to choose wisely. You shouldn't think about marriage as something temporary. If you doubt that he/she is your partner, then rethink your marriage. Never marry a man or woman if you have doubts in marriage.

3. God is with you

When you choose your partner for life – you should understand that God has already decided for you who will be the most suitable option. Therefore, in some way, he just guides you to the right person. Do not tempt God, if a person does not value you, then you need to leave it and find the one whom God has already prepared for you!

4. God believes in you

Even if it's hard to find a suitable partner and you think that God has left you – He believes in you. He is near you, Do not underestimate God`s plans for you! You are born to be a happy person because you are created by God for love and joy. All challenges will help you to become a better person to meet a better person!

5. Do not misunderstand lust and God

Sometimes young men think that lust may help them to find a right partner. It's totally opposite! Lust will only ruin your life and get you as far from the right person as it's possible. When you date with somebody, do not think about lust. Think about how you can help this person to be better with you. Therefore, you together may find God in your hearts.

Now you know all the main secrets of perfect marriage. The main ingredient for every marriage is God. No matter what happens in your life, you can always count on him. All the challenges that he prepared for you are meant to make you stronger in faith and get you to the right person that you deserve! The one who will love you for the whole your life!

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