10 Beauty Hacks For Every Lazy Girl Out There!

Looking beautiful every day is as important as feeling beautiful.

Girls like to look flamboyant. Be it the morning hustle or the date-night; every girl wishes to look incredibly good. Finding little escape through loopholes of laziness we all bounce on to the easy path. Makeup is beautiful, it is essential, but yeah, nobody can deny the fact that IT REQUIRES ENERGY! Don’t worry girls, here are some hacks for you lazy bum! Even though you aren’t among the lazy ones, you must sneak in. There is a lazy side to all of us. Don’t shy away from being on the brighter side of the page.

1. Outline and fill up your Brow Hem.

For a fuller and elegant finish of your eyebrow, use a brow liner starting from the high of the brows moving forward to end. This outlines the hem and adds a fine finish. Be careful about the thickness as a thick brow might make you look peculiar.

2. Switch over to the Comb!

The hairbrush might be a life saver but it doesn’t stop your hair from falling, Switching over to a comb is a better option when you have the urge to reduce hair fall. The gaps between the comb teeth provide space for hair to breath, hence reducing the chances of breakage.
3. Use Kohl instead of a Liquid Liner for the lower rim of Eye.

The smooth, lustrous finish of a gel liner always engages us to apply it as a kajal, but this doesn’t look good. The liquid liner gives a staggering look to your eyes, whereas the kajal makes your eyes look vibrant.

4. Steps for a Cupid’s Bow.

Moisturize your lips with a vaseline of petroleum jelly; this juices up your lips. Next, prime it up. For the next step outline the hem of your lips slightly shaping it into a bow. The final step is the filing of color.

5. Use tape for a perfect shape of Liner.

For a guide to a winged or a classic liner use tape to create a frame. The tape offers less space for errors. Go on, try it!

6. Apply mascara and eyeliner simultaneously using the Lash Curler.

7. Hide Eyeliner Glitches.
Not every hand is steady and results in the marking of a finished eyeliner. So, there’s something which will save you. Concealer. For the minute glitches, instead of fussing over it, apply concealer and then finish it with a layer of translucent powder. Concealer saves the day.
8. Testing for a Proper Base.
For the testing of a foundation, apply it on your neck and check for the contrast instead of your hand. The color of the collar provides a better base for the contrast of foundation.
9. Forgot your Clutch? Use a pencil instead.
There have been days when you may have forgotten your Clutch for tying your hair and ended us messing them. Don’t worry. Grab a pencil and use it as a hairpin instead. This comes handy when you’re in class or in office.
10. Use Winged Liner hacks.
Using a tape for the shape of the perfect winged liner or a spoon saves you time and energy. Go for some eyeliner hacks to save the day.


Save your day girls!
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