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    5 foods that cause bad breath you didn’t know of

    It’s a sensitive subject. But mouthodour can happen to the best of us.

    Bad breath is an embarrassing body problem as well as a serious social disadvantage.

    It is important for a young individual to know how to avoid getting bad breath. While foul breath may be caused by many factors like poor oral hygiene (which may lead to gum disease), upset stomach, etc., there are some foods which can give you a foul smell in your mouth.

    We bring you 5 foods that cause bad breath.

    1. Canned Tuna & Seafood

    Canned tuna is particularly smelly and if you eat it you will get a foul breath. While canned seafood tends to become smelly fast as it oxidizes, particularly, if canned in metallic tins.

    2. Milk

    You will be surprised to see milk on the list of foods that cause bad breath.  Indeed you are encouraged to drink milk. Milk has amino acids which can be used by bacteria naturally present in your mouth to produce a foul smell. So do drink milk, but clean your mouth soon after.

    3. Onions and garlic

    Onion and garlic may taste really good when included in some of your favorite dishes, but you’ll most likely pay the price after you eat them.

    4. Coffee

    Coffee is a popular drink. But it can cause dryness in the mouth which may in some cases promote bad breath.

    5. Alcohol

    If you've been out drinking, then you know the next morning can come with some pretty stinky breath.

    Much like caffeine, alcohol is also known to contribute to a dry mouth, and may also worsen or temporarily cause bad breath

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