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    All You Need To Know About The Witch, Queen Of Sheba Who Fled At The Presence Of Bishop Oyedepo

    This incident which although happened in 2009 is still fresh in the minds of Liberians who till today are grateful to Nigerian Bishop David Oyedepo for the ousting of this popular witch from their country. Read how it all went down below:

    Queen of Sheba

    “Queen of Sheba” is known as the infamous follower of Lucifer and had for 46years practiced deep and superior Satanism. It was reported that the queen has been coronated with blood on three different occasions in 1995, 2003 and 2007 when she was enthroned as matriarch of the sovereign imperial empress of a special cult called the African Nubian nation.

    Her arrival at the invitation of certain groups and traditional leaders in Liberia had raised concern in some Christian quarters but it took the arrival of Bishop David Oyedepo and the thrilling crusade to send the queen of witches hurriedly scuttling out of Liberia. The Queen of Sheba’s visit was planned to last for an extended period of time but her sudden departure raised eyebrows and left people wondering as to what must have hit her.

    The Bishop made a declaration in one of the evening crusades that brought him to Liberia “cast the devil out of Liberia for prosperity”, and the next day the so-called “Queen of Sheba” left the country without the fanfare that attended her arrival.

    She was lodging in the hotel where the Bishop was lodging in and immediately the Bishop stepped on the hotel ground, the “Queen of Sheba” immediately packed out of the hotel without the hotel authorities knowing, on her way to the airport.

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