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    Can You Grow Long Natural Hair Without Using Products? YES – Here’s How!

    Is it possible to grow long natural hair without using products? We’re pretty sure the world knows that a naturalistas products are her best friend, confidant and shower partner. So what is all this talk about long hair and no products?

    Well, let us first start by saying it is very possible. In fact, some natural haired girls don’t use the conventional products on the market. All they need are the right natural ingredients like eggs, turmeric, black soap and such to give their hair all the TLC it needs.

    Now, if you are a naturalista, then we were probably at the natural hair struggle summit together last month. The keynote speakers raised some key issues for the case of natural hair growth. And that is one of the reasons why we have decided to bust out this post.

    Please note that we are not saying this natural, natural hair movement is for everyone. Choose your battles people! But we are saying its a pretty good way to go.

    Enough with the small talk, here are a few ways to give your hair ‘slayability’ as you learn how to grow your natural hair without using products.

    5 natural products you can use

    1. Black Soap: Black soap users, awoo! Is there anything black soap can’t do? First of all, it is great when it comes to keeping skin clear, supple and moist. But black soap can be used for hair too. If you’re looking for a break from conditioners and shampoos, take the black soap road.

    It detoxes the hair and scalp, consequently clarifying the scalp and making way for new hair growth.
    2. Bentonite Clay: If you don’t know about bentonite clay, let’s give you the 411. Now, bentonite clay is a really absorbent mineral clay that detoxifies and cleanses hair and skin. It is ah-mazing for reviving limp and lackluster hair, and the natural hair community swears by it. #TrueStory.

    Simply mix with apple cider vinegar or aloe vera juice until it is a little runny. Then apply to your hair and wash off after 15 – 20 minutes. You can shop it on Konga and take it for a spin.

    3. Aloe vera gel & juice: Can we get an amen? Aloe vera is the bomb.com when it is used for hair. It works great for conditioning hair, scalp treatments and even as a leave in. To treat your scalp, you can extract some of the gel, add some of your favourite oils and apply to your hair.

    Massage it in your hair, leave it on for a good while and then rinse off. As a conditioner, just apply after no-lye shampoo and rinse off after combing through. Want to use it as a leave in conditioner? You can! After your wash, just apply it to the damp hair and leave it to dry.

    Before we say our goodbyes, we have a little more for you. Press play and watch one of our favourite bloggers from Abuja, Nigeria, EfikZara talk about even more ways to grow long natural hair without using products.

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