INTERVIEW: Extreme Vocal Speaks On Her Music, Debut Single and Upcoming Album

Up and coming young and talented Nigerian born gospel artist, Abolanrinwa Folusho "Extreme vocal" had a one on one interview touching on her latest music offering and upcoming Album with Kingdomspot.

KINGDOMSPOT: How did you come about the name "extreme vocal"?

EXTREME VOCAL: First, my real name is Abolarinwa Folusho. Hmm mm the name extreme vocal, lovely as  it  sounds to me came  by when I was in the higher institution,  200Level precisely. Back then  I met  this  producer and  friend called Horlippy who used  to  put  me  through  all  kinds  of  music training and  I remember  I sang one  day  and  he  was  like  wow! and  somehow  he  started  calling  me  that  name  'extreme ' and  as  time  goes  on  'extreme vocal ' and  till  date  people  know  me as extreme  vocal.

KINGDOMSPOT: You sounded like you have been singing for too long time.... How did your interest in music start?

EXTREME VOCAL: Hmm mm Gospel  music as I used to say is my lifestyle. and it started far  back  at  the  juvenile choir while I was  growing up in  the  children chapel, jokingly I lead  songs and as  I grew  older  my  interest in gospel music  grew  with  me and  with mentors  and  senior  coordinators around  me  I grew  to  singing  and  leading  songs  in  the  youth  chapel  till date It's  still  my lifestyle.

KINGDOMSPOT: Will you say you have God's call on your life to be a Gospel music minister?

EXTREME VOCAL: A big  Yes!  I would  say and  I sincerely look forward to  His  dealings as  His  work  proceeds through  me.

2. KINGDOMSPOT: So when did you discover Gods call on your life...?

EXTREME VOCAL: As  we  all  know  many  people  would  have  been  saying  it as  they  see  you  grow  and  sing, that  "you  are talented" God  is  taking  you  places and  so  on, but even  as  I went  through all  these, I had  a conviction  that  God  wanted  these  for  me  in 2008. But with terms and  conditions to  be  applied  and  I bless  God  I am  here  today  through  it  all.

KINGDOMSPOT: What would you say about Nigeria Gospel music?

EXTREME VOCAL: I Bless God For His  mighty move in the Nigerian  Gospel music industry  even in  the  midst  of  these  perverse generation. Indeed we  can  all  testify  that  even  while  many  are  called  few  are  chosen  and  I just used  to  bless  God  that  we  still  have  men standing  tall  for  Jesus  and  still  holding  forth.

KINGDOMSPOT: How will you describe your music and your sound?

EXTREME VOCAL: My music is soul connecting, God inspiring ,and prophetic worship. Prophetic in the  sense  that  it speaks of  God's mind  per  time. And for the  sound, as  I open  my  mouth  He  fills  it  and  I project.

KINGDOMSPOT: And how do you intend to set yourself apart, seeing that the gospel music industry is overcrowded?

EXTREME VOCAL: Overcrowded? To  me  I believe  it's  not  because  the  harvest  is  plentiful but  the  labourers are  few,  so  God  still  wants  more labourers for  as many  who  would  work  diligently and do  the  father's  business. So I set  myself  apart  for  Him  to  use  me  for  His  glory.

KINGDOMSPOT: You been part of some musical competition? What was the experience like?

EXTREME VOCAL: Yes, Worship  Declaration  by  Dr Ron Kenoly in  2010 and I emerged  the 3rd runner-up and I also went  for  another in 2016 "The Shining Stars  Project"  which I also  emerged the 3rd runner-up. Well beautiful experiences all  through. I was  exposed  to more  of God  during the  academy  at the  shining stars  project, I got  to  know  more  about  the latest  things in music. It was  a worthwhile  experience. I bless God for the opportunity.

KINGDOMSPOT: Aside that we know you will be dropping a new song few days from now, are you working on any other project?

EXTREME VOCAL: Oh yes  my Debut Album is  also a project  am  working  on  and  will  be  out by  God's  Grace  on  the 7th of April 2018 it will be available on all music outlet.

KINGDOMSPOT: Tell us about your new song you be dropping this week?

EXTREME VOCAL: ALADE OGO is a song of worship  from an Expression  of  God's  Loving Kindness to mankind.That even  while  we  were deeply lost  in  our  sins His Love  found  us. He is the  pillar  that  holds  our  lives. And that's why  He deserves  our  True  Worship. Anticipate!

KINGDOMSPOT: What's the inspiration behind the song "Alade Ogo" And is this your first work?

EXTREME VOCAL: Thinking of God's  love  towards  mankind  was  what inspired  me to  write the  song. This not  my  first  composition,  but  it's  my  debut single.

KINGDOMSPOT: So what does the future hold for extreme vocal?

EXTREME VOCAL: Better or let  me  say  tomorrow  holds  all  the  best that  God  has  in  store  me.

KINGDOMSPOT: Which gospel art in Nigeria will you like to collaborate with soon

EXTREME VOCAL: I will love to work with Victoria Orenzi soon.

KINGDOMSPOT: So who produced your music?

EXTREME VOCAL: Horlippy is my producer.

KINGDOMSPOT: From all us at kingdomspot, we must say we are very pleased to have you here with us today. Just Before we allow you take your leave, any final words?

EXTREME VOCAL: Thanks  so much  for giving  me  this  rare  privilege, I must  be  sincere  I cherish  this so  much. God  bless  the Gospel  music  industry, God  bless  Kingdomspot! God  bless Nigeria. And  to  all my Fans and  family  out  there, i love you all.


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Twitter: @xtremevocal1

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  1. I celebrate the anointing of God over ur life MA. More grace, more inspiration and more life changing songs


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