Hundreds of students were scheduled to write the JAMB examination at NIEPA, Laje road, Ondo, Ondo State today, Friday, 9th March, 2018 at 3:00pm but unfortunately most of them did not start until 6:00pm as a result of failed computer systems which had no internet service and shuts down intermittently.

A complete NIEPA Centre was shutdown and the computer systems in the other centre were not working. The systems would go off and on intermittently thereby disrupting the Candidates' concentration thereby preventing the Students from writing their exams.

Candidates who reported at the NIEPA Centre as early as 12noon did not finish writing their exams until 11pm while many of them could not write the examination. A lot of students slept at NIEPA Centre.

My two children were among the victims.

Many students were crying as a result of the bad systems. The students were demoralized as they could not concentrate under this kind of atmosphere. They were nervous and under serious tension.

A particular student (name withheld) couldn't attempt more than 2 subjects because the systems hung and tripped off several times.

Why would Candidates pay so much money for JAMB and they would not have value for their money?

Why would JAMB accredit a centre which lacked the necessary machineries to conduct an examination of this nature?

Why would JAMB not do a thorough check before assigning thousands of students to NIEPA?

Why would JAMB be gambling with the destiny of millions of Nigerian students?

What's the fate of the Candidates who wrote JAMB today in NIEPA and those who will write tomorrow?

This is nothing but a national disgrace. Most of these centres will just rush to buy junks and refurbished Computers, just to exploit the innocent Nigerians and the JAMB authority will refuse to carry out their due diligence and or subsequently sanction the culprits.

It is embarrassing that thousands of students' lives were jeopardized today as a result of obsolete computer systems at NIEPA.

On a final note, we call on JAMB Registrar to do the needful as regards the students who wrote their exams in NIEPA today and other centres where students have issues nationwide.

Also, I recommend that JAMB cancel NIEPA centre with immediate effect. Else, the havoc on the nation would go beyond what JAMB can handle.

We won't watch JAMB destroy the lives of innocent students who are the future of our great nation.

We call on the Presidency to urge Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, JAMB's Registrar to do the needful. This injustice of highest order must stop.

Thank you.
Mr. Olasile Akinseto,
Writing from Ondo, Ondo State.
For: Concerned Parents.

Students who are scheduled to write their examination on Saturday, 10th March, 2018, after waiting all day at NIEPA could not write their examination but eventually taken to Adeyemi College of Education Centre, Ondo to write their examination. Unfortunately, they were given 50 minutes to write a 2 hours examination!. This is saddening and disheartening!!!

PLEASE SHARE THIS until it gets to appropriate quarters. Today is my daughter's day.

Your son or daughter may be a victim tomorrow! Let us stand up together to fight for the future of our children.

Thank you.


  1. Hello

    I'm a Staff of Adeyemi College of Education where the NIEPA candidates were brought to. I can attest to the fact that ALL the candidates were attended to and they were given their complete 2 hours.

    They started their exam a few mins past 5 and finished around 7:30pm.

    There is No way we could have given them just 50mins after all they went through. I personally even had to get water and paracetamol for some of them who came in tired and with body aches.

    This parent is either exaggerating or he was fed lies by his children.

    Everyday from the Saturday they had issues, they were hosted as the 4th batch per day everyday. Staff of the MIS and the college were available from 6am till 8pm and sometimes 10pm just to ensure that all 4 batches of candidates were attended to.

    1. Thanks for the swift response Sir. We will definitely get it across to the concered parent


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