Kylie Jenner sparks row over ‘dangerous’ waist trainers just WEEKS after giving birth

The US reality TV star, 20, welcomed daughter Stormi in February and is already showing off a trim shape…

She recently confessed to using a waist-trainer to reclaim her pre-pregnancy shape.

But Kylie Jenner ‘s fans aren’t very impressed by the star’s tactic – and told her so via social media, this week.

The US reality TV star, 20 – who welcomed daughter Stormi in February – has been inundated with comments from people who believe she’s risking her health with the compression garment.

And, furthermore, they fear it sends a bad message to other women.

It comes just 24 hours after she shared a snap of herself in a black corset, which she called her “snap back” package.

Dismayed, one fan said: “My God. Is Kylie still advertising waist trainers to teenage girls?

“How can u [sic] be so filthy rich and still sell out for something that is so dumb and could potentially perpetuate negative body image in young girls.”

Another said: “Find it so weird that the Kardashians/Jenners are multi millionaire uber cool influencers but still jam up their Instas with basic, basic ads.

“Kylie, I’m looking @ you with today’s waist trainer.”

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