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Meet The Nigerian Man Who Had Won Guiness World Records 4 Times (PHOTOS INCLUSIVE)

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All over the world, every second and every minute, someone somewhere is attempting to set a new record or break an existing one and these records don’t come cheap. No matter what act it is, be it singing or dancing non-stop, it takes one with a creative mind, zeal and energy to achieve such. For one to break a record, what it takes is one to do the extraordinary and once this happens, the individual is on his way to international recognition.

While many all over the world choose to focus on negative stories coming out from this part of the world, somebody somewhere in Nigeria is breaking positive records and making the country proud.

Adetunwase Adenle is that citizen, he is the only Nigeria citizen who has four Guinness world records to his name. The class room teacher and artist holds the record in different categories.

First of all, he holds the record of the biggest painting that has been painted by the largest number of people and this painting is as big as a football field. It measures about 63.5m (208 ft 3.99 in) x 49.3 m (161 ft 8.94 in) and it was painted by 350 volunteers and this painting represents the map of Nigeria.

This painting was made with the aim of teaching the less privileged children how to paint, draw and celebrate Nigeria at 50. It also emphasized on the values of hard work, teamwork and civic responsibility and finally it was also noticed in the painting that one of the themes of the painting is the issue of climate change, He won it in 2010.

This particular painting attracted not only international recognition but also it attracted arts enthusiasts as well as Government functionaries. It was exhibited at the Methodist Boys high school, Victoria island, Lagos. This exhibition was in partnership with the Lagos state Government.

His second record was a painting of the largest number of children reading together in one place at the same time with an adult. It was painted to encourage children to always read. This second Guinness world Record was achieved with the support and cooperation of the then Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Mrs Adejoke Adefulire Orelope.

The third painting holds the recording of the highest number of children washing their hands at the same time. This was done to educate children on how to be clean at all times so as not to contact diseases. This third record was done in partnership with Unilever’s lifebuoy soap.

His fourth record is for the world’s biggest post office stamp painting which was used to celebrate Lagos at 50. Adetunwase Adenle worked with Lagos state government, some organisations and NGOs to make his records happen and also to make sure that the children that worked with him to make his paintings a success will benefit from his projects.

Currently this 4 time Guinness World recorder holders lives in Lagos. He said he will strive to break more records so as to touch the lives of people and also make his country Nigeria proud. He equally said he will continue to use his paintings to educated kids. According to him, he is delighted to be part of history.

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