Wizkid Is A Perfect Example Of Olamide’s “Science Student” (See Photo)

Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known professionally as Wizkid, is considered a science student after he shared photos of himself relaxing in his personal yacht.

Nigerian rapper Olamide came up with a song titled science student which portrayed the high level of consumption of illicit items, drug abuse and smoking.

The song was initially ban from being aired on radio and television stations but he came out with a new video for the music were he said the song is not promoting the use of drugs but it is aimed at reducing drug abuse.

But as the case may be, Wizkid is that man Olamide was talking about in the song.

The singer shared a photo where he was puffing out smoke of a substance from his mouth.

That is somebodies role model is that a good model to the younger generation when trying to fight drug abuse.

Truly you are a perfect example of a science student.

Tunde Ednut has dish Wizkid earlier after he said the singer does not have up to 50 million followers on social media yet he pretends not to see anything on the social media.

Rihanna who has a large number of followers 5 times more than what Wizkid has was able to recognize some Ikorodu children who tagged her in their post and she had to repost it twice to show her love.

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