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Let's Play A Game: At 25 (Best Caption Wins 2k)

There are some thing you should automatically drop when transiting from one age of your life to another.

When you hold up on these things or you continue doing them, they tend to pull you back in some certain areas of your life.

Take for instance when you clock 25 years.

Imagine, a 25 years old guy/lady still stealing meat from the pot or doing something so absurd that contradict his/her age.

At 25, You Sit Down To Watch Emmanuella Comedy. No Make Me Swear For You

At 25, You Have Pictures Of 50cent And Snoop dog And Por.nstars On Your Room Wall. You Will Soon Die

At 25, You Follow Reigna Daniels, Jaden smith, Emmanuella on Facebook,Twitter And Instagram. You Are Mad But You Don’t Know

At 25, You Don’t Know Your Head Way In Life. Go To Mountain Of Fire

At 25, You Spend Time Smoking weed with Friends And Fvcking Every Thing In Skirt. You Have Fvcked up Your Destiny

At 25, teenagers Excite Your Prick. Sense Fall On You

CLICK HERE TO Add Your Own Caption Of AT 25

Let’s See Who Wins.

Note: These is not set to mock any age bracket, instead to tell some certain people to take a bold step, leave the negative things and do something positive to affect your lives.

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