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No One Can Intimidate Me – Obasanjo Shades Buhari Again

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, appeared to fire another shot at President Muhammadu Buhari when he declared that he cannot be intimidated for voicing his opinions on the country’s issues.

The former president said this during a town hall meeting of the Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) in Ibadan, where he urged Nigerians to get their permanent voter’s card (PVC) to vote in the 2019 general elections.

He said Nigerians need to deploy their voter’s cards as instruments to bring about accountable governance in the country without fearing intimidation.

Obasanjo said he’s gone through many things and been jailed for his views, but that he remains undaunted in contributing to the nation’s progress.

He said, “The work has started. Some people may be laughing at you and make jest of you, don’t be bothered with that. Listen, permanent voter’s cards are your instruments. If you have not collected yours, go and collect it.

“If you are not yet registered, go and register. Let us tell them in all urban and rural areas that PVCs are what we will use.

They are the key to open the doors. Don’t be afraid or be discouraged. They will try to intimidate you individually or collectively.

“For me, I don’t think there is anyone that can intimidate me. Let me remind you, I have gone through many things. I have been jailed without being given any opportunity of offence. Where is the person that jailed me?”

Obasanjo took more veiled digs at the president during his address, noting that ‘some people’ want to remain in positions of power even when they’re not doing well.

He said, “Some people believe that those that are in position, whether they are doing well or not, they must continue to be there. But when we say they must not be there, they will want to fight back.

“They will hold many things to wreak havoc, but everybody must be prepared. It will not be easy to wrest powers from them. If you think it will be easy to liberate Nigeria, you are deceiving yourself.”

President Buhari is seeking re-election in the 2019 elections despite calls from former leaders, most notably including Obasanjo, for him to step aside for someone deemed to be more capable to lead the country.

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