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Nigeria hospitalized for decades
Unfortunate misery behind her coma
Hardship greasing her elbow in torture
Get well soon cards from the architects of her accident
Yet injecting her with slow death
Drenched in her own bloody toast
As her enemies drank from golden goblet
With rue their hearts not laden
No air of melancholy surrounded them
They are titled the godfathers
Sprinkling funds like its H2o
Forgetting Nigeria's health at stake
Bed space bills pilling up in files
While her enemies hungrily gulp her wealth
Caring less about a thunderous choke
Messiahs came to heal this sick nation
Many couldn't work out nemesis laid
They rather join than beat them
Never a do or die affair to them
Basically, they came in power for the cash
Out of millions emerged the best doctor
His single step brought light over darkness
Far and wide the news spread
The healer who reasons beyond provided tools
Nigeria looked forward to a sound health
An end to over buttered bread
Full stop replaced with comas made by political men on highway
Underground saves of mass labour dug out
Disguised religious leaders fished out
Gradually, messes created by past embezzlers cleaned out
Hands counting billions started shaking on millions
Scared funds would no longer pass behind doors
Hot pee causing profuse sweat soaked them
Heavy plots strategized by political master minds
The messiah of Nigeria they plan sending to exile
Media houses brought to cannibal diet
Addressing issues in terrifying bawls
A stone thrown relates to herdsmen
Presenting Fulani's stick as a gun
Died down past incident brought anew
Thorough research of the populous youths
Brainwashing them into the Let Youth Run Campaign
Same youths created by godfathers
Laying youths to sleep on bed of lies
Catching them in the web they weave
Wake up from your slumber
Destruction and renovation of the nation lies on your thumb
Presidential seat isn't a relay race
Age is nothing but a number
Skills and experience outshines strength
Give the doctor a chance
Make this dear nation rise again
Don't be deceived by wrapped up lies in foolish truths
Widen your eyes to the falsehood
He was never left with few mess to recommend

By: Bint Sirajudeen

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