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Reasons why Buhari's administration is a replica of GEJ's

By Opeoluwa Awodugba, Iree

Comparing all the scenarios being witnessed under the current administration with that of immediate past's one can hardly distinguish between the two.

In April 2014, under the Goodluck Jonathan's administration, the boko haram Islamic sect abducted hundreds of schoolgirls at federal government girls school in chibok, Borno state, the news was swiftly debunked by the then ruling party, describing it as efforts of the opposition to discredit the government' transformation agenda. Few days later, Jonathan and his cabinet members went to Kano to receive new members into the party.

Then in February this year, another set of female students were abducted by the alleged terrorist groups at the government girls school, Dapchi, Yobe state, as expected, the news was also denied by the government's official spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, saying a roll call had been conducted for the students and they were all present. In a like manner, President Buhari also went to the same kano to celebrate the wedding ceremony of an influential personality in the country.

Another question being frequently asked of the Goodluck's administration is why it takes so much time to sign the budget in to law and the incumbent president is also guilty of the offense.

Corruption cases levied against top officials like Dr Ngozi Okonjo Eweala, Dezeani Alinson Madueke among others were treated with body language and also there have been numerous allegations being levied against top members in the current administration but the presidency has not been acting as expected,especially people from the north. former SGF was only dismissed due to the pressure being mounted by the citizens.

Under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, the then ruling party (PDP) collapsed, then it was n-PDP, and now the incumbent president is sitting and watching the APC being destroyed and now we are having r-APC.
Members of the opposition party are being victimized during the last regime and the l, same is what we are witnessing now.

Nigerians were deceived and misled by Jonathan aides, Ahmed Gulak, Reuben Abati among others were playing on the intelligence of Nigerians and Femi Adeshina, Garba Shehu are also following their footsteps.
Alhaji Lai Mohammed is born a propagandist, no doubting that.

And one major mistake Goodluck Jonathan made was incessant clashes with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and surprisingly, current administration is committing the blunder which may turn back and hunt them.
Arguably, if proper scrutiny is to be taken on both the immediate past and the current administration, one would discover little or no difference.

And should the APC win the president election come 2019, regardless of the candidate they present, they would not do so because they deserve to, but because the opposition is not strong enough, battling interna crisis and external factors and the fact can stand against them and also the APC have every clue on how to use the media as a means of politics than the PDP.
APC are good in politics and not in governance.

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