Breaking News: Isheri family decries encroachment, threat by alleged land grabbers

Israel Arogbonlo, Lagos 

The family of Isheri Olofin chieftaincy in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State has decried persistent threat from alleged land grabbers. This was contained in a statement issued and jointly signed by the head of the Isheri Olofin family, Oba Wahab Ayinde Balogun, Onisheri of Isheri Olofin Kingdom and the secretary, Alfa Isiaka Abogunloko. 

Balogun said that the Isheri olofin is bounded by the four royal families of Oyekanmi, Olaigbo, Olawan and Abisiwa respectively. The landed property which is approximately delimited in survey plan no: GF/1103A and prepared by licensed surveyor G. F. Ogunsanya dated 17th day of November 1981.

This reporter learnt that the two communities namely Idimu kingdom and Isheri Olofin kingdom were neighbours and had live peacefully before the issue of land dispute arose. The matter was taken to the Lagos State High Court and it lasted for over 30 years before the court gave land mark judgment in favour of the latter. 

It will be recalled that the Isheri Olofin and Idimu community stand distinctly on their own, surrounded by Egbe, Ejigbo and Igando.

The dynasty who marks his 35 years on throne further said, "The ownership of this large tract of land has been confirmed by several High Court and Supreme Court judgments between 1900 and 2012.

"As beneficiary owners of the land, the family has standing agreement dated as far as 1900 through the Yoruba native customary laws as enshrined in the constitution."

The family head said that in spite of the foregoing, certain individuals have constituted themselves into nuisance by illegally encroaching on the land without authorization from the family.

According to him, a couple of them are Olorunfunmi family, Madarikan family (who are encroaching and trespassing a large portion of the land belonging to the Isheri Olofin community) and one Alhaji Samsideen Alade Adebimpe, a Ibadan born land agent to the above judgement debtors. 

However, the alleged land grabbers led by the notorious kingpin of the act, Shamsideen denied the allegation, saying that he never sold any portion of the Isheri Olofin family land, accusing Oba Wahab Ayinde Balogun of forging some documents to be crown to the throne.

Meanwhile, in a press statement, the counsel to the dynasty, Barr. Francis Monye described the above claim by Adebimpe as "untrue".

"There was no time before and after he (Oba of Isheri kingdom) crown that he had any criminal records for the purported claims by Adebimpe that he forged any documents to be crowned to the throne."

According to him,  "Alhaji Adebimpe had made such claims, caused violence in the area in the past and was invited by the police to prove his claims, which he never proved and was charged to court where he was remanded in prison and later granted bail. Hence,  he went into hiding and had refused to come to court to prove his claims."

It will be recalled that Alhaji Samsideen Alade Adebimpe had earlier sponsored an advertorial dated 20th August 2018 on the online newspapers against His Royal Highness, Oba Wahab Ayinde Balogun, the Onisheri of Isheri Olofin kingdom on the ascension of throne as the 6th Oba of the Isheri Olofin kingdom in Alimosho Area of Lagos State.

In his reaction, Prince Idris Balogun, the Oluomo of Isheri Olofin kingdom, who described Adebimpe as "embittered".

"Adebimpe is embittered because of the court judgment ( that was against the judgment debtors), which took away his job (land grabbing) and ever since then, he (Adebimpe) has been spreading false information around to deceive the members of the public about his dubious acts, he said."

Speaking further, Monye in a letter, a copy of which was sent to this reporter, stated: "Our clients briefed us about the presence of heavily armed thugs with all manners of arms and amulets to harass and beat up members of Isheri Olofin community. They also threatened to kill the Kabiyesi when he (Kabiyesi) rejected their terms and conditions as regards the issue at stake."

"As we speak, members can no longer move freely because of this dreadful act. This is why we are crying out to the larger society and government to come to our aid in order to prevent loss of lives and further break down of laws by these perpetrators."

Onisheri of Isheri kingdom also called the attention of the security agencies particularly the Nigerian Police Force to put into book the alleged land grabber agent, Alade Samsideen Adebimpe, who has been on the hideout since this whole issue began and refused to obey the court's injunction as regards the landed property.

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