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With a mantra of progress and humility in seeking the support of the people, Lekan Alli and #TheLATrain are blitzing Oyo State!

Still basking in the euphoria that greeted his declaration of intent as a governorship aspirant under the All Progressives Congress in Oyo state, the secretary to the Oyo state government, Mr. Lekan Alli is determined t to leave no stone unturned in his bid to serve the people of the pace-setter state. It must be said that his approach has been quite remarkable, especially with the sense of humility he has displayed so far. This trait seems to be in Alli’s inherent nature and he continues to show it in many ways. One only has to look at his declaration of intent, where it was reported that he personally wrote all executives of Oyo APC, Stakeholders in Oyo state and other individuals notifying them of his gubernatorial intentions.

Currently, he has started his consultation with community leaders and residents by visiting all the nooks and crannies of the pace setter state to connect with its citizens. Fondly referred to as the #TheLATrain, his trips have taken him from Ibadan the state capital, to other parts of the state including the Oke-Ogun axis which he has toured fully, with the rest of Oyo State to follow. So far #TheLATrain has been greeted by huge crowds of not just APC supporters but non-members alike, signaling growing evidence that the people of Oyo are indeed falling in love with Lekan Alli and his refreshing candidacy. At every community visited, the message is the same, continuity of the good works of the current administration while forging ahead with a mandate to continue the uplift of the people. Lekan Alli’s experience as an engine room of the current Ajimobi administration is also an asset as he has shown a dedication to be abreast to the needs and desires of the people. To deliver on those needs, he seems aware that he must listen, take stock and respond alike (a manifesto booklet will be released soon that will be made available to all citizens both in Yoruba and English language).

#TheLATrain is centering itself on one of “continuity and progress” which admittedly has prompted questions from some as to why “things shouldn’t be starting from fresh”. While honestly one can’t deny that Lekan Alli is indeed a refreshing candidate, the indication is that he believes that Oyo State can’t afford to regress and must in-fact build on the successes of the current administration. Like dough in making bread, the state continues to rise and Alli seeks to be a humble baker who wants to provide and serve the people of Oyo. Amongst many priorities, Alli has said that he wants to focus especially on the areas of infrastructure, education, urban and rural development. More is certain to come from Alli as a candidate and the people are jumping aboard #TheLATrain with elation and optimism towards where it can take them.


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