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AAUA Students In Dilemma Over Closure Of Edu-Portal By School Management

By Folashade Balogun

The school management of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, informed her entire studentry of the closure of her educational portal in a circular signed by the Registrar, Dr. M.S Ayeerun.

As expected, it has triggered numerous reactions and out-cries from several students who aired their views.

One of the students, Ogundigba Olajumoke, a 200 level student of Human Kinetics said, "It is not supposed to be so and it won't be fair on the student. The school management should temper justice with mercy and be lenient because everybody would still pay eventually. On the other hand, students should not take justice into their hands. They should make their frustration known in the right way".

Another student, Jesutola Onaopemipo Lenient, a 400 level student of Linguistics and Languages opined that, "The closure of the portal on the 6th of October is not a feasible one because the time is too soon and near. It's an inconsiderate move on the part of the school management considering the fact that students just finished paying for the previous semester. School management should be sincere in considering the student's plight, knowing fully well that no student can go away with the school's money. Students should beckon on God for help at this trying times because going to human would amount to nothing"

When asked if she believes in the reduction of the tuition fee, she (Onaopemipo) said, "I'm positive about it because the recent post utme students were not up to one-quarter of what the school normally gets, that's one possibility for change in the tuition fee because that's a signal"

Also, Oluwafemi Kayode, a 300 level student of Law, opined by saying that, "The school should reconsider that decision because the closure date is too short, and if they can extend it till the examination period, it would be nice. Looking at it from another perspective, it's not a wrong move as such because the school needs money to finance themselves but it would be a considerate move for the school to extend the portal because students would pay eventually if they plan on going for service"

When asked if he believes in the drastic reduction of the tuition fee, he said, "There is a popular saying that the only constant thing is change, anything that goes up must come down, so I think the fee can still be reduced"

Another student in 400 level from Faculty of Law, Favour Akintola, posited that, "I feel it's not right based on the fact that certain persons have been unable to pay for their school fees for first semester. The management planning to close the portal on the 6th of October is not very right because it's too early"

Akintola believed that students should beckon on God for help because all the key players seemed to agree on the fee. He hoped that the student union government should see what they can do.

However, the students their recommendations would go to the student union. Since they are there to serve, they should do that wholeheartedly, stand for truth and protect the interest and desires of the students.

The school management should consider the fact that all fingers are not equal. And to other students, they urged them to be diplomatic and not go violence for the demand of their Right.

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