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AAUASU Election Will Hold Second Semester, Am Not Going Back On My Promise - AAUASU President, Boubow

Speaks on removal of students first semester results from Avers and other issues

By Damilola Olufemi, Folashade Balogun

The Student union president, Temitope O. Eyinla has shed more light on issues bothering, not only his administration but the total wellbeing of Adekunle Ajasin university Students. He made this know n in an exclusive interview with Oasis Media Reporters.

He shared his achievement so far, his intended plans for the students, his hopes and desires for his administration and the administration to come.

Describing the first quarter of his tenure as being successful, he reiterated that he hopes to experience more success in the second semester.

Speaking on the union's plans for students in the second semester, he made it known saying, "As at this week, this is the sixth week to exams, so I believe all what we have to do is to highlight our programmes and spear it out within three weeks, so that students can get back to studying"

Highlighting some of the programmes for the semester, he said, "The programmes that have been approved or which are pending for approval in the next few days are, Itel's programme which would come up within 8th to 9th of October, the fifth edition of GTcreat8 with GTBank which will come up between 8th to 12th of October."

He continued by saying, "Our (Student Union) Welfare Director is planning a programme called Ankara Night this same October, while the Social Director is planning Face of AAUA which has always been a tradition. And we are hoping to have a kind of academy summit and not only the social packages."

On the greatest challenge that has faced his administration, the President disclosed funds as the ultimate challenge hindering activities of the union because the union due for every student is fixed at three hundred naira (#300) which has made AAUASU one of the underfunded university. He added that some university students pay as high as one thousand naira for the union dues but such can't be initiated here as it would breed another hike in the tuition fee which he wouldn't like.

He also threw more light on the doubt in the minds of most student concerning the arrival of Gtbank in the school. He said, "We've written to a lot of banks ever since I came on board, but the problem is that they will ask you to guarantee their security and the union can never guarantee such. Asking for such from us simply means that our money might not be safe."

He also opened up on the fact that banks believe there won't be much profit in the school environment because the students are the major patroniser and transactions are done mostly during payment of school fees.

Listing the legacies he wish to leave behind, he itemised them as: reversing of the union's election to second semester; none of his executives will be suspended; also embarking on a capital project which would shock everyone.

When asked on how he would be able to come about his proposed capital project despite the unavailability of fund in the union, he said "Union doesn't live by union's fund alone, that is why we have people around; organizations that can help us if we bring a very good plan on ground. We could solicit for funds and all that"

Speaking on the committee for the union's election has not been arranged, he replied by saying, "It's the duty of the S.R.C, but I made a promise that election would be held every second semester and I'm not going back on that. I'm working on that, in the next few days, maximum of a week, we should be making preparation for that."

On the issue of the circular that was passed that the edu-portal of the school would be closed early this month, Eyinla Temitope made it clear that he would work on it just like the previous semester's portal registration that was extended till the end of the semester.

Another cogent issue of interest to the student was the removal of their first semester's result on Avers, despite paying half payment, he said, "I will meet with the Dean, even me as the S.U.G president have same issues, one of my result was uploaded two days ago but I can't access it. Everything affecting students is also affecting me. I don't think I'm excluded either but I would meet with the Dean and we would discuss it thoroughly because students should have the Right to check their first semester result since they've paid for the semester.

He encouraged students who have urgent issues to either call or send him a text message which he would attention to aptly but not WhatsApp messages due to it's bulkiness which might be stressful for him to check

Speaking on his campaign mantra, 'HOPE', he said, "We promise hope and looking at the issue ironed out, we've solved 65%-70% of it. When it comes to the welfare of students, there is a plan ahead that would cater for the need of toilets around Library, Awolowo, Tetfund 650, and Yar'dua in the next few month. Security wise, there are less cases of armed robbery, burglary and the likes because of the closeness between the security agencies and the union.

The issue of transportation can not be solved at once, because most students don't like boarding cabs when moving with their friends. Nevertheless, we've added more than five cabs but it's not obvious because the more they are adding to the numbers, some are getting spoilt"

Another area of hope also deals with the untampered academic calendar for the previous semester which he believes is a success on its own and he hopes for the same in second semester. He said, "When I said we are bringing hope for the students, it's not a mere talk"

Enumerating areas he would want the incoming administration to lay more emphasis on, he listed them to be:

•"Upgrading the standard of teaching. Math class notes were dictated which shouldn't be so in a 21st century university.

• ENT is becoming more theoretical than practical.

• Work-study has gone into exile. It has helped students in the past.

Lastly, I would want them to work more on security, harassment, victimization, armed robbery...we want zero case, not even the reduction.

My administration is still working on all these and we've had 65% success, and gradually before the end of my tenure, we would have an A"

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