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NYSC: What To Do If You Don’t Like Where You Are Posted

Redeployment for corps members who have been mobilized by NYSC but don’t like the states where they were posted have made easy, Nigerian Cable News online can report.

Every corps members has the right to apply for relocation or redeployment on certain basis.

However, the following are the reasons on which the request must be based for it to be granted:

1) Health reason;

If a corps has an extreme or reoccurring illness that need close monitoring. This claim must however be backed with a medical report from recognized hospitals. And a handwritten application to be submitted in camp.

2) Marital Grand;

This is only reserved for married female corps members who want to serve where their husbands reside. It is however expected to be backed with evidences such as the following :

i) A valid marriage certificate

ii) A document showing a change of name in any Newspaper publication

iii) Affidavit obtained from Court

iv) Wedding pictures

v) Letter from the husband’s Place of work showing that he truly resides in the intended place of relocation

And, A handwritten application letter addressed to the NYSC D.G through the state coordinator.

3) Security:

This Applies for Corps members posted to state with security challenges posed by Boko Haram terrorists, Herdsmen terrorists and many others. Those in the states affected such as Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, Kaduna, Benue and others will get redeployment if they apply on security grands.

The Application can also be done online after camping

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