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Opinion: Collapse Of AAUA Mass Comm Dept Fence; A blessing in disguise to Students

- Olufemi Damilola

Few weeks ago, the fence surrounding the mass communication department behind the popular Olusegun Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall collapsed due to heavy downfall of rain.

Ever since, students in particular have made the collapsed side of the fence a shorter route to getting into the school premises.

The drama however is, the security of properties lying in the said department is no longer safe, especially those at the relaxation center. The route which students now see as a shortcut can definitely be the same path to which properties will get lost.

Just as it is been said, even in a well fenced building with tight security, criminals still find there way in to perpetrate their evil act, how much more a building with a collapsed fence?.

It is not until properties begin to disappear, nor students of the department and other departments don't feel safe over the collapse of the collapsed fence for proper safeguard of students and properties lying in the department.

Also, the collapsed fence linking the sports complex and the University Guest House should not be abandoned. They all need rapt attention.

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