Five Coca-Cola Secrets You Probably Don’t Know Of

Coca-Cola is one soft drink that has been around for a long time but how much do you know about this iconic soda brand that is the favourite of millions of people the world over?

It Was Advertised As Medicinal

In the 1890s, Coke wasn’t just advertised as a refreshing, bubbly drink as its ads did make claims like “A Delightful Summer or Winter Drink. For Headache or Tired Feeling. Relieves Mental and Physical Exhaustion.”
It Might Have Invented The Six-pack
When you think of picking up a six-pack, beers might be the first drink that comes to mind. In 1923, home refrigerators were becoming more common, so people were more likely to bring home bottles to enjoy later. They could only hold so many in their hands at once, so Coca-Cola developed a cardboard carton that made it easy to carry six at once.

Its Bottle Was Designed To Stiffly Competition

In the early 1900s, it wasn’t easy to tell a Coca-Cola bottle apart from competitors such as Koka-Kola and Celery-Cola, so the company gave glass companies a challenge in 1915: Design a “bottle so distinct that you would recognize it by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

A slimmed-down version of the winner, which came out a year later, became the iconic Coke bottle, and it’s now the most recognized bottle in the world.

The First Bottle Was Based On The Wrong Plant

The competition winner that was tweaked for the iconic Coke bottle design was inspired by a picture of a cocoa bean that the researchers found when they went to the library to find design possibilities. Coca-Cola however got its name from the coca plant, not the cocoa plant.

It Contained Cocaine In The Past

The rumours seem to be true despite denial from the company. Coca-Cola spokesmen admitted to the New York Times in 1988 that the original Coke contained coke, which was legal at the time, along with other extracts from coca leaves, the plant used to make the narcotic.

Trace amounts of the drug stayed in the drink until 1929, and even today, the company’s closely guarded secret recipe is said to contain coca leaf ingredients, but their psychoactive elements are removed.

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