DECEMBER TO REMEMBER (Africa's Biggest Orphanage Outreach)

Some people don't know what it means to have parents, to love and to be loved. But we can teach them, we can decide to be there for them in so many areas. We can give them means for living. We can give them life. We can extend our love to them.

Empower an orphan today by donating something, anything from shoes, clothes, food, Toiletries... Even cash.

Transform a life. Join Africa's biggest orphanage outreach.

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Every year, December 15th keeps being a great day. I remember where someone like us started from, the people from our base, the hopeless life that stared our face, and how God keeps working on us till now. Yesterday, as before, people around my life(friends and families) still taught me some unbelievable lessons, I don't know why but maybe you guys know that I love to learn all the times. I can't measure the kind of love and respect I received from everyone of you. It's magical and electrifying my soul. I believe you are more than a diamond, you are the fuel that powers my going. Words will fail me to appreciate you all, but just take a token of this love back, and my minute method of saying THANK You. God bless you all.

I won't do but to drop this message with all of you. The game of life is wired around some unforseen techniques that only the tough ones can get through. If you don't want to lose your life you can't find it. No matter where you are, what you face, and who you think you are presently, don't ever think of walking away. It's just a simple way of giving UP, keep on trying please. This is the major secret of successful people. They once failed like you, they once felt the same way you are feeling, but their uncompromising belief to continue even when there was no light brought them thus far. Don't give up, keep dreaming, keep believing, keep walking and you will see the light.


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