Music: Tatiana Manaois – Simple & Sweet

Talented singer, Tatiana Manaois is here with an amazing tune, “Simple & Sweet”. The songstress has got it right on a love note again as she cements the sound with her guitar strings and sweet vocals.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hold the applause
Hold the standing ovation
‘Cause it don’t mean sh!t
If we can’t hold our conversation babe

They can bring the cameras out
Never gave a damn about ’em
They just want a picture
I’m just picturing my life without ’em
Guess i’m just the type
To choose a pub over the club
Even if the parties jumping
Catch me grooving to the beat
Of your love
feen for your touch
I don’t need much
It;s okay with me
If we keep it simple and sweet
Sipping on a bottle
At the beach
Even if it’s only you and me
No shame in
Singing every love song
Getting all the words wrong
(Simple and sweet)
Put my phone on silent
Let it ring
Show you what your company
Means, to me
No foolin
Babe, this is where i wanna be
Keep it simple and sweet

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