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The Sound Wars Album - Davidic Minstrels

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The Sound Wars album is a blend of rare music, chants and sounds original to the Davidic Minstrels that reveals the flaming heart and passion of the warring Bride in worship of her Lord Jesus, the Bridegroom. The ten-track album is highly charged, intoxicating and very compelling, as these sounds rise from a distant land, beyond the shores of this mortal realm. They are sounds of Warfare never before heard not of any man's making, but forged in the very heart of Yahweh's throne room. 

The album is truly a revealer of the heart and philosophy of the Davidic Minstrels that worship is more than just strewn lyrics with harmonious rhythm, but one which must awaken hearts to loving Jesus and demonstrating His love and power on earth. It must be understood that these are not the usual everyday worship songs, thus listeners discretion is highly advised as there is a serious tendency of encounters with Jesus and a resulting addiction to loving and serving Him.

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