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AAUA STUDENTS UNION: If you're not ready to use your offices, LEAVE!!! - Impact (Fmr. AAUASU A.G.S.)

Break the Silence!!!
Enough is Enough!!!

The Student Union is a voice for the students and should never shut her mouth against her students. This has not been the case with Sampraise led administration of AAUASU who have maintained quietness over a very dreadful situation of tuition fee saga for some level in AAUA.

Few weeks back the institution portal was opened for payment and registration to commence only to the surprise of many students a change in a status quo surfaced bringing about confusion and other rumours.

However, the institution management had come out with a stand that fee was not increased but a maintained status quo by the governing council from the agreement during the Tuition fee hike in which the Student Union under the leadership of Comr. Optimum agreed to.

Also, the Optimum led administration had come out to deny agreeing to the interpretation of the "status quo" as put forward by the management and governing council of the institution but claimed  status quo was misinterpreted.

The only unknown stand is that of AAUASU led my Comr. Sampraise

Timely, there was a meeting between the Dean of Students Affairs , DVC academic, the Student Union and other stakeholders to iron out a way forward and illuminate the dark sides of the situation. Thereafter, Sampraise led administration released an update that Students should not start paying the tuition fee as the union are on top of the situation and that work is progress to save the situation, other meetings were called and this was the last time the AAUASU led by Comr. Sampraise said anything meaningful to the Students.

On daily basis, confused students who have been directed not to pay by the student union and on the other hand directed to continue with payments and registrations by the management ask questions if they should accept fate or keep faith in the Union. Even newly admitted students who are not directly affected except in future are confused because the apex agitating body said they should not pay and on the other hand the management on reasonable basis is dropping directives on prompt payment and registration.

Silent is the best answer for a fool they say, is the union trying to make a fool of the students? What happened to the interest of the students you had promise to always keep at heart? What happened to the Union update that was flying about even before the new session?

Should students just go ahead with the payments and resume to class as soon as the ASUU Strike is called off?

Should the Students who have been directed not to pay by you wait for your intervention until the fee is returned to what is expected by students?

Does your silence means you have agreed with the interpretation of status quo by the governing council?

It is high time that you need to be told that AAUASU silence is no longer golden, say something!!! Don't throw innocent students into darkness!!! Say something!!! If the Union have the situation under control lets see evidence!!!

Enough is enough of your demonic and devilish responses to Nigerian Students on social media, you tag them " WhatsApp comrades" call a congress or any physical meeting to seek their opinions and suggestions and see whether they can offer anything.

We tired of your emoji(s), your proverbial statuses, speak out, speak up!!! Be reminded that the student union is the apex agitating body for students in AAUA and hence no struggle should cut off the tongue or ferment the ink in your pen.

Speak to us, We will hear!
Talk to us, we will listen!!
Lead us, we will follow!!!

If your are not ready to use your offices, Nigerian Student's (AAUAITES) will take over!!!

Enough is Enough!!!

I am:
Abodunrin Samuel Adebayo (IMPACT)

All concerned Students in AAUA.

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