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My Life in my Pastor’s House [completed] - Season 1 Episode 2

I entered and went straight to my class. English teacher was already there. My english teacher,we call her corper zina.She was in her early twenties,very beautiful with medium a-s but small boobs,she was dark in complexion and was very brilliant,I call her genius.

Corper zina: Jason why are you late,I was just about asking hannah your whereabout.

*why hannah? Maybe because we sit together.*

Me: I woke up late ma
Corper zina: Okay see me in my office after this class okay?
Jason: okay ma,**I went to my sit and sat down**.

Hannah: Welcome. Hope you have a better reason for not coming to church yesterday?
Jason: I was very sick that’s why.

Hannah: sick? *she placed her hand on my forehead,detecting the temperature* how are you now?

Jason: I’ll be fine don’t worry
Corper zina: You have started playing your husband and wife play abi,no be here o.
We both smiled while the other students murmured. I looked at my friend Valentine(I call him val) He winked at me. Val hen?. I know him as master bleeper,He has f----d almost all the girls in my class including julia,he said he has f----d her Five times. Me f--k? If not for dorothy that s£duced me,am gentle o. Eva and julia later enter.

After the english class,I followed corper zina and helped her carry her textbook.
We went to the lab instead of going to her office,she gave me all this advice you know(don’t follow girls around,becareful of girls,face your studies etc)

After fewhours of working,break time bell rang. Students went out just to eat something. Its only me and hannah alone,oh I hate to be left alone with this girl,she is tempting and always give me hard on. She shift a bit closer to me.

Hannah: Don’t you wanna explain that mean deviation to me?

Me: Let it be tommorrow
Hannah: no no *sounding childish*
Me: okay please

Hannah: **she shift more closer pressing her God gifted boobs to my chest** I like your pink lips
My d--k has already turned to rock but thank God her sister christine enter but I thought she was going to shift away but I was wrong,she held my hand and leaned on me.

Christine: Hun hun**clears throat** Jason I heard you are moving in tommorrow. That’s good,principal needs you in her office. *she had this weird look on her face*

I went to principal’s office, She flogged me for slapping her daughter. After many times of waiting closing time bell finally rang.

Hannah: Let’s walk home together
On our way….

Hannah: So I’ll be expecting you tommorrow
Me: Be expecting me?

Hannah: Yea,tommorrow is saturday,we will catch more fun you know
Me: hmmm.

We went our path. I got home, I was very tired,I went straight to bed.

Later in the night
I was in my room watching p--n when my phone beeped. I checked the message,it says”Handsome I can’t wait to see you tommorrow” from Hannah.

What’s wrong with this girl sef. A knock landed on my door,I opened it to see my mum.
She entered,I sat on my bed and quickly stopped the p--n I was watching,she sat beside me and held my hand.

My mum: Jason,you are going to pastor’s house Tommorrow,be a good child. Am suspecting you and hannah,hope there is nothing between you?

Jason: Nothing ma
My mum: Becareful my baby boy**she gave me 50k**..For your pocket money *she walked out*
That’s my mum,I continue watching my p--n,my phone beeped again

Message says”honey am h---y,need you inside me” from hannah.

“This girl dey madt abi,wu b honey,mak she insert artificial d--k in her hole if she is h---y. Mtcheeeew” I hissed.


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