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AAUA's Webometric Ranking Evidenced What Ajibefun has done!

-- Debo Ikuesewo-Akinbami

Like a siesmic wind force, the news peirced through lately, announcing the place of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, in the new (2019) webomentric ranking of world universities.

Among the listed Nigerian universities, Ajasin Varsity sits conspicuosly on the ninth rung, coming after seven Federal Universities and one- privately owned Convenant University. By the rating, AAUA is given out as the Best State University in Nigeria, the second time to be so decorated within the space of six years, beating several older federal and state universities. 

According to the latest Webometric Ranking released via www.webometrics.info on the 31st of July, 2019, Adekunle Ajasin University is No.9 in Nigeria, No. 81 in Africa and 3048 out of over 28,000 institutions ranked globally.

The first time it emerged as the Best State University in Nigeria was in April 2014. That was conferred by the United States (US) Transparency International Standards (USTIS). It ranked Adekunle Ajasin University as the best state university in Nigeria, as contained in the preliminary results from the USTIS 2013 Coordinated Nigeria Schools’ Survey - the body’s school ranking initiative. 

The university also came first nationally in the 2013 Annual Youth Debate for Nigerian tertiary institutions, organised by the Federal Ministry of Education. The National Universities Commission (NUC) voted it ‘the Best State University in 2005 in terms of the quality of academic staff', after conducting its (NUC’s) carrying-capacity survey in 2015. Even as at today, its Senate Building is an architectural master piece and arguably the best in any Nigerian university.

This feat and its previous kind are a credence to the fact that the University, despite its age and site, has been a consistent force of reckoning among Nigerian Universities, on all fronts. It is a telling proof that it is structurally sturdy and blossom too in academic development.

This milestone says significant facts especially about the body of the University. It speaks of resilience, and of the clarity of vision. It speaks too of good leadership and committed workforce, factors basic for the success of any organisation. AAUA, on the strenght of these factors has successfully marched through its low seasons, such as now, to reign above its kind. It is therefore even more instructive that the University did record this watershed at a period of critical fiscal downturn.

The University had had its time of surplus. While it last, it was maximised as pictured in magnificient structures within its space and the exponential extension of other frontiers. However, since Professor Amos Igbekele Ajibefun, the incumbent and 5th substantive Vice Chancellor, arrived, AAUA has trudged through daunting times with regard to financial functions. How this tough challenge of pecuniary drought has been managed, and how the insitution has soared under such inclement climate, must, ipso facto, define the capacity of the man who sits atop its affairs and in whose case it now shines.

Professor Ajibefun has, this far, gave his best. He could not have solved all the problems that there are to be solved, either as a result of the obviously scroching economy or because perfection is humanly impossible to reach. Come to think of it, even yesterday's successes are easily surpassed where they are not consciously improved upon. However, undettered by the tides, the Vice Chancellor, head on, dealt with the taxing fiscal challenge and allied issues, and in spite of all, gave his modest contributions to the development of the University, which, by the new attainment, has attracted sweeping applause and loud recognition.

He did not do this alone. Professor Ajibefun is gifted with quality men and women, team of incredible characters and contributors who with him toiled so that this success would come. The resourceful, dedicated staff and the studious students of the University, every person a critical factor in the building of a university of global consequence under Ajibefun.

This has indeed sprouted a loud laudation, a telling evidence of what Professor Igbekele Ajibefun has done! So loud another commentary described the feat as an 'unprecedented acceleration of AAUA on Webometric ranking'. And quite more significant too, it is coming at the twilight of the Vice Chancellor's tenure, indeed as a true testimony to his tireless service to the elevation of the University. 

This must be a super valedictory gift for Ajibefun! 

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