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FASA Mace Was Not Whisked, It was Only Kept in A Safe Place - Speaker

...as President makes peace with SRC Speaker

- Damilola Olufemi and Eunice Adesida

Sequel to the gathering of students of Faculty of Arts Students in group Discussions few weeks ago, it has been traced to the rumour that the mace belonging to the Faculty of Arts Students Representatives Council was hijacked and taken from the sitting.

This however prompted Oasis Media correspondents to seek the views of both the President and SRC Speaker of the Association.

In the words of the Faculty Speaker, Rt. Hon. Adeola Oluwafemi (HARDEYBANTY), he described the rumor as false and untrue

He said, "Actually, I don't know the source of the news but the FASA mace was not taken away, it was actually kept in a safe place."

"We've had issues with the mace  in terms of insecurity, hence, the need to keep it in a safe place and also have access to it whenever the need be".

He continued, "The Honourables took the mace and kept it. I was even part of the Honourables that took the mace. It is impossible for the Speaker to steal his mace because such action distrupts the sitting."

Describing the level of relationship existing between the SEC and SRC, Adeola described it as robust and one on a positive note as against the perception of people about both.

"With the case of FASA SRC and SEC relationship, we have a cordial relationship. I as the Speaker relate freely with everyone " he said.

He however said the existence of cordial relationship should not be diverted and brought into place when it comes to official constitutional responsibility or duty.

He further said "Calling an individual to an order is never a sin. An individual doing very well and performing his constitutional duties will be from any form of chastisement whatsover.

"It will be an error on the part of the SRC to punish anyone whoz performs and carries out his constitutionally duties".

Consequently, the President of FASA, Adeokin Olurotimi Peter (MANKIND), confirmed that there was a chance that the mace was taken away from the sitting.

Speaking about his relationship with the FASA SRC and Speaker, in a concise response, said, "Issues resol, ved already".

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