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First Bank quiet over gruesome murder of Akure Branch Staff

First Bank Nigeria has remained quiet over the gruesome killing and murder of her staff, Ibrahim Nofisat Adetutu, a 29 year old orphan and Mass Communication graduate of Adekunle Ajasin University last Wednesday by armed assailants while people watched her die.

According to reports sent by her fiance, the victim's murder started as a mere misunderstanding between three of the bank customers (women) and the victim.

He said the Akure branch manager of First Bank, Tunde Temola excused the victim and one of her colleagues (Busuyi) out of the bank to meet the three women who were accompanied by thugs asking for registration of POS.

He further said One of the women by name "Ahlaja" slapped the victim while the thugs beat up the other colleague in the presence of the bank manager.

According to him, the issue got worse after he called one of the women to plead with her following Adetutu's report to him.

The worse however occured last week Wednesday as armed assailants trailed the victim to her POS shop after work hours and shot her twice on her chest.

Prof Tutu, as she was fondly called, was on the verge of travelling to USA before her life was cut short.

Meanwhile, ADETUTU has been laid to mother earth following Islamic rites while her murderers continue to roam the streets of Akure freely.

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How My Flower Got Withered Away inopportunely

Within some days, I lost my fiance to a mere misunderstanding which later turned a murder.
As I was informed by my deceased fiancee(AdeTutu)who told me that she was assaulted when she was on duty on that day, by some three women who posed themselves as purported customers.
She said it was her boss ( Tunde Temola)!that excused her and another colleague (Busuyi) of hers out of the bank to meet those three women,in accompany of some thugs ( Mgold , Iya Oyin and ex staff of Firstbank Mrs ilori) after which they asked for the registration of POS, and she told them that POS was not be make available and they should try and that they should and get another location

Having said this, only for one of the women  (Alajah) to slap her, and her colleague was seriously battered and dragged into the gutter. By thugs making nails around the bank area, all this done in front of the bank manager . She was telling me all these with tears, so I had to console her. It was fortunate for me to receive a call from a guy known as Alake who is also one of those women's brother (Iya Oyin). He informed me about the incident.  I then asked him to hand over the phone to her sister (Iya Oyin), only for her sister to be telling me she ordered that my fiancee be beaten, and more also they wanted to strip her naked in the open market.

I got bewildered and was forced to ask what she had done so badly for her to deserve such inhumane treatment.  The next thing she did was just to hang the call on me. I later asked what the manager ( Tunde Temola) said after the incident , she told me he asked her it true all the women said is the truth.
Alake, (Iya Oyin )brother, told me to settle the matter amicably, and of which I conceded to; I then tried to call Iya Oyin for us to meet at the market to reconcile this matter, only for her to put forth a threat that she would deal with me and my fiancee because am surprising her even to the point of death , the next day I met Alhaja and mrs ilori , Alhaja told me all the thugs in Akure worship her, 2 days ago she still bail a boy making nails at the market from anti cultist and I should be very careful hence I begged then I  then retreated  to tell my fiancee to inform her dad, of which she did.

On the following day, she went to the police headquarters to make a report, though she only delivered an oral statement. After she left the police station, she returned to her Bank. Later in the evening she told me she want to visit her POS point where she normally go to audit the account . this shop was overseen by some keepers. But before her arrival, some guys came on bike and asked if there was service, of which they answered no. They went, though I suspected that they did not go far, but only hanged around, because by the time those guys came,  she was already with me to inform  me that she would be going home soon, and immediately she returned to her POS point,  those guys appeared again, and they forced the keeper to fasten their eyes against the ground. And while they were trying to strangulate her to death, they broke her neck by this process , she escaped to the open space, but unfortunately for her,  they shot her by the heart and she died. They left her money behind 210,000 Naira untouched

N.B: Iya Oyin threatened to deal with Adetutu and I, and today Adetutu is no more because she was murdered in cold blood.  I therefore cry out to people that my life is currently at the mercy of Iya Oyin and her accomplice ( Mgold and mrs Ilori) they yet to execute their death plan on me too.
Save my soul

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