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Beware of this injury!

Beware of this injury!
©Ola Moses

May you not sustain injury that will keep you out of your purpose forever!

It was disheartening to learn that AS ROMA’s Nigerian defender Nura Abdullahi has been forced to retire from football on medical advice at the age of just 21, simply because of injury.

This is what INJURY can do to any man; it has the power to keep man out of his purpose forever:

Injury can be represented as a physical damage to the body caused by violence, accident or fracture. Also, it can be represented as a damage to someone’s feelings, thus, injury can either be physical or emotional. The words you speak out of anger and frustration may become an injury to whom you are directing it to, and eventually you become a victim also. Beware of what you say; beware of the hate you give- - -be conscious of the love you give. Words spoken and actions acted are potential injuries; your choice of words and acts matter.
Knowing fully well the ‘age’ we are in, what we say or do will be remembered after many years- Welcome to Social Media Age. You might have forgotten what you said or do, but people (we) will remind you and call you out on social pages. What you say or do today might stand against your political assignment tomorrow, thereby inflicting on you injuries that would keep you out of your purpose. Your irregularities now might end up inflicting injuries to you later; how would you feel if you later know that (s) he committed suicide because of what you said or did to the dead soul? The injury (in form of words and acts) you mete out today will as well become your injury- just give it time. It will happen soon.

Yes! It is true that some injuries come uninvited, but most of them are self-invited. Not everyone get healed of injury suffered, even if you are healed; what about the wasted time and pain in getting well- please consider this. Do not fight the battles you could avoid- be wise. Some injuries are avoidable if you apply wisdom.

Save yourself now while you can, lest people give up on you in your helpless moments. Love one another; sharpen your interpersonal relationship skills, learn to say sorry if need be. 

You can sustain injury anywhere (in place of work, etc.)- beware! I wish you a better tomorrow.

I love you.

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